Are White Women Better?

I just had a deep conversation with a close ally and friend on the topic of the one-dimensionality of women. I am not talking about their inability to read maps without turning them around due to the fact that their brain is not capable of turning images around inside their heads. I am talking about their inability to look at a situation from different angles and then decide which one is best.

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Where Has All The Rubble Gone?

I’ve been a truthseeker for almost 15 years, ever since 9/11. I know pretty much every English, French and German language dissident site and writer worth knowing in the industry. And, yet, I missed a very important clue. What happened to all the rubble from 9/11?

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Donald Trump’s Dirty Secret

We knew that George W. Bush was a frequent visitor to Boy’s Town. We knew that Bill Clinton was a sex-addict paedophile who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. We also knew that Barrack Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, used to earn his cocaine money working as a male prostitute in a gay massage parlor. Can America’s humiliation get any worse?! Yes, it can.

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How the Rothschilds Stole the French Election

For anyone familiar with ‘public opinion’ in France must be puzzled by last Sunday’s Presidential vote. I am referring to what real French people actually think, not what the controlled mass-zombifying media are telling them to think. Until last Sunday, French friends of mine were laughing about the official opinion polls. Almost everybody they know supports Le Pen. There is evidently something wrong about the election result.

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