Can someone please fix that remote control?

Trump was never supposed to become US President. Hillary was. Fortunately, their handlers had a Plan B. They always have.

There is currently nothing more entertaining than watching the likes of CNN. For over a year they produced non-stop Donald Trump bashing. The moment, though, he started bombing and blackmailing foreign countries, like any previous president, they suddenly started to go easy on him. It’s so funny, I can’t help but laughing out loud, in pain.

Donald Trump’s primal task was to scare the American sheeple into voting for Hillary. He was the perfect man for the job. No presidential candidate before him was easier to make fun of and vilify. The MSM presstitutes had a feast.

When Trump still got elected, in spite of the libtards’ formidable effort, the puppet masters had to resort to Plan B. He, almost immediately, went on collision course with Syria, Iran and North Korea, the remaining last three countries earmarked for “regime change” by George W. Bush and his fellow neocons.

From their handlers’ point of view, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are equally suited for their mission. They both have this uncanny mad dog flair. Like their Israeli superior, Benjamin Netanyahu, they seem quite happy to go to war with Russia and China. Apparently, they could not care less, if they blow up the planet in the process. They just must have things their way, no matter what.

Donald Trump is the quintessential “Manchurian candidate”. Like a German shepherd,  always keen to please, he religiously follows his masters’ orders, no matter how crazy. He can’t help it. That’s just how he is programmed.

There is something wrong with Donald Trump’s programming though. He flip-flops all the time. It seems that he being controlled by more than just one remote control, two conflicting programmings. He’s almost behaving like a dog with rabies.

The global resistance against the rule of Satan is quickly running out of options.  There is no time left to wake up the sheeple. No matter what we do they just keep trotting happily to the slaughter house. Voting doesn’t work either, obviously. The last US presidential election made that perfectly clear.

There is only one option remaining and that’s an American coup d’etat. The entire Satan-worshipping Kosher Nostra must be arrested and the FEMA camps and coffins put to good use.


3 thoughts on “Can someone please fix that remote control?

  1. I think things are better than they look. What is dangerous to the Jew is exposure. Nothing else can hurt him so much. And exposure is happening. It is happening in America, where it most of all counts.

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    1. I know what you mean. The feeling I’m getting is that Trump is following two conflicting scripts, a bit like a drone that has been hacked.


  2. Even during his election campaign Trump was banging on about the Iran deal. Then after there was the list of Muslims countries for the travel ban when Iran was on it but not KSA, Then there is the small matter of his own daughter being the wife of (((Kushner))).


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