Jealousy – The Real Reason Behind the Misery of Stay-Home Dads

There is nothing sadder to watch than stay-home dads. You might think that they enjoy their 7-day-weekends, but look around. While stay-home mums look happier than most people, stay-home dads look the opposite most of the time. What’s wrong with them?

I have heard all sorts of explanations. Men are not designed or don’t like to do housework, but I disagree. Most of them happily and – more or less – competently share the burden of household chores when they still have a paid job. The problem must be something else.

It is not males who are not coping. It’s females, their jealousy to be precise. Firstly, women are jealous of their men having time all day to do whatever they want. Hilarious. Secondly, the cannot stand that the children are getting closer to the fathers than their mothers because they spend more time with them. And last, but not least, women are afraid that their husbands get up to no good while their wives are at work. That fear, however, is unfounded, to say the least.

How many women would have sex with men without a job? The correct answer is none, only prostitutes would. Unless, of course, the man is very rich. That fear of cheating, however, is not as irrational as it might seem, at least from a woman’s point of view. Most, if not all, stay-home women wouldn’t hesitate cheating if a bigger and better opportunity came along.

Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT monogamous. They are hypergamous, always ready to shag their way up the social ladder. Like baboons, they are only faithful to the most attractive male they can get. What’s attractive to female humans, as opposed to baboons, is not just determined by the males’ social status, but also his wealth.

How to spot a millionaire

From a woman’s point of view, jealousy of their stay-home husbands makes perfect sense. However, rationally speaking, and I know I am speaking about women, their fear is unfounded. Those poor bastards could not cheat, even if they wanted. The whole affair would end, right after her second question: what do you do for work?

Sure, men could make up some story. Tell them some lie, just to get into their pants. “I’m a pilot. It’s my day off.” or something similar. That lie, obviously, wouldn’t last very long.

Being a stay-home dad is very isolating. While stay-home mums have very busy social calendars, stay-home dads have none. Other mothers will keep a distance to them, no shopping, coffee or movie dates, not even play dates for the children.

I suspect the reason is not decency or fear of rumours about having an affair. It’s the fact that the man has no job, in other words, no means of being a better provider for her. Even, socialising with other stay-home dads, in real life, is not really an option because they are just too depressed.

While men worry about money, power and fun, some – especially Whites – even about nobler concerns such as justice, fairness, honour and freedom, women are strictly mono-dimensional. Deep down they only care about their living standard, irrespective of the price they have to pay for it in other fields.


2 thoughts on “Jealousy – The Real Reason Behind the Misery of Stay-Home Dads

  1. The problem is not that men can’t handle it, the problem is their wives. They turn into monsters and witches, always on the lookout for a bigger and better sponsor, willing to improve their living standard in return for unlimited access to their pants.


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