Donald Trump’s Dirty Secret

We knew that George W. Bush was a frequent visitor to Boy’s Town. We knew that Bill Clinton was a sex-addict paedophile who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. We also knew that Barrack Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, used to earn his cocaine money working as a male prostitute in a gay massage parlour. Can America’s humiliation get any worse?! Yes, it can.

I am the first to admit that I had big hopes for Donald Trump. I was not blind to all the warning signs, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, hopefully, the people who claim he was part of a counter-revolution by the “America first” military and intelligence community, are right, I thought to myself.

It didn’t take long for people like me to get bitterly disappointed. Bush, Obama and Hillary did not get arrested. 911 did not get resolved. Obamacare did not get abolished, just rebranded as Trumpcare. Does that mean the hundreds of millions a year in royalties are now going to Trump instead of Obama?

Chemtrail flights continue unabated, in fact, they worsened. Illegal immigrants did not get kicked out in any significant numbers . Every measure Trump took that had any resemblance to his election promises got overruled in court because they were poorly designed.

As if broken and unkept promises were not bad enough, Trump completely swapped script with Hillary. It was almost funny how the deep state-controlled mass zombifying media suddenly went easy on him, the moment he behaved like any president before him, i.e. bombing and coercing weaker foreign nations earmarked for regime change because they don’t have a Jew-run central bank.

So what is the problem with Donald Trump? Is he the ultimate Manchurian candidate and has us all duped? Or has he been “shown the light”? Has Israel threatened him with nuclear attacks? Or is he being blackmailed with the disclosure of a horrible crime? What could it be?

One thing is for sure. For the past 100 years, nobody in Western nations has been admitted into a position of power and influence without the deep state having a firm grip on his balls. 100 years ago, a honey trap was sufficient. All it took was threats to disclose an extra-marital affair, to make President Wilson break his World War I neutrality election promises and join England and France against Germany.

50 years later the disclosure of an affair was no longer enough to blackmail anyone. Our leaders had to be homosexual to qualify for public office. Another 50 years later though being queer has become the new straight. Nobody cares. That is why our future leaders have to prove their political reliability by getting involved in paedophilia, incest, bestiality and Satanic human sacrifice.

There is no way that Trump had been allowed to run for US President without the deep state being able to destroy him anytime. What could they have on him?

We know about Trump’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious leader of a deep state paedophile ring. Epstein’s speciality is to supply high-profile figures in media and politics with sex slaves as young as twelve.

We also know from the recently published interview above with Dutch banker Ronald Bernard that much worse things happen on Illuminati sex orgies with teenage kids.

That means there is a good chance that the rumour is true that Trump is being blackmailed with the publishing of a video showing him raping a young girl to death. On the other hand, his dirty secret could be something much less sinister, e.g. his very “special” relationship with his daughter Ivanka.


If this picture is not sugar daddy enough, wait, there comes more.


And, wow, they keep coming. Get the scum bags ready, boys.


If that doesn’t look more like incestuous lust than fatherly love, what does? But hold on, is that really his daughter? Have a closer look, before and after plastic surgery.


It seems the Donald was lent a helping “hand” by one of his Jewish business partners. In other words, this love affair between Donald Trump and Ivanka, is no incest. It is nothing but good old-fashioned paedophilia.


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