How the Rothschilds Stole the French Election

For anyone familiar with ‘public opinion’ in France must be puzzled by last Sunday’s presidential vote. I am referring to what real French people actually think, not what the controlled mass-zombifying media are telling them to think. Until last Sunday, French friends of mine were laughing about the official opinion polls. At least half of the people they know support Le Pen. There is evidently something wrong about the election result.

Another giant red flag is the exact percentage supposedly voting for the bankster manlet moron: 66.06%. That result is adding insult to injury. Satan’s chosen people must have gotten a good kick out of this.


For a conspiracy buff like me, the likelihood of this number being fake is pretty high. But how did Satan’s little helpers do it? Here is how.

Reports are emerging of torn – and therefore invalid – Le Pen ballot papers being received by voters ahead of tomorrow’s all-important French presidential election. In each case, the ballots of rival candidate, Emmanuel Macron, are intact.
Millions of packs have been sent out to French households last week, containing voting information and ballot papers for Sunday’s election. According to a press statement released by the Le Pen campaign, there have been thousands of reports of invalid ballots being received across such geographically diverse counties as Ardèche, Alliers, Savoie, Loire, Yvelines, Eure-et-Loire, and Hérault – a broad spread across the country.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

Now let us have a look at the numbers:

Counted Votes for Macron: 20 million
Counted Votes for Le Pen: 11 million
Discarded votes because damaged or otherwise invalid
(100% Le Pen)
15 million


How many people million French people are out there who are unable to choose between two candidates? Let’s be generous and assume that 1 out of those 15 million discarded votes was genuinely invalid. That’s an additional 14 million for Le Pen. In other words, Le Pen has beaten Macron by a whopping 5 million.

spoiled votes

Source: Guardian

Who needs more proof that the system is so rigged that it cannot possibly be fixed, at least not at the ballot box?! First Trump got blackmailed into becoming a despicable Hillary clone and now the stolen Le Pen victory. Apparently, things need to get much worse first before the sheeple revolts.


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