Where Has All The Rubble Gone?

I’ve been a truthseeker for almost 15 years, ever since 9/11. I know pretty much every English, French and German language dissident site and writer worth knowing in the industry.  And, yet, I missed a very important clue. What happened to all the rubble from 9/11?


We are talking 4 massive buildings, WTC1, WTC2, WTC3 and WTC7, altogether over 300 floors. Can you imagine the pile of concrete, steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, pipes, fittings and furniture? And yet, half a dozen of rescued firemen, trapped on the first floor of the underground carpark of Tower 1, saw the sunlight above their heads, after 110 floors had just “collapsed” onto them. Figure that!


Instead of crushing them like worms, 1 million tonnes of building materials plus content pulverised in 8 seconds and turned into dust. Sounds like magic, a miracle or alien technology doesn’t it?!

This woman, Dr Judy Wood, has an explanation that makes lots more sense:

Mind you, it doesn’t really matter, how the “Deep State” did it. We have sufficient proof to arrest the likes of Rockefeller, Netanyahu, Soros, Bush, Cheney, Giuliani, Rumsfeld and Clinton because of their evident prior knowledge and their role in enabling the events and their cover up. Once arrested, I’d drug them with truth serum and interview them on live TV and streamed online. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

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4 thoughts on “Where Has All The Rubble Gone?

  1. I read Wood’s book and it’s a treatise of sorts regarding 9-11. I’m surprised everyone seeking truth regarding 9-11 has not read it.

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  2. I have a feeling that the men who did the “preparation” of the buildings from inside, were raised from babies to adults in an underground facility, and thus had no ID in the real world. They would not only be untraceable, but they would have a supreme discipline and ability to perform tasks that few if any of our regular citizens could match. If this were true, and I have very good reason to believe it is true, then the bad news is they are probably not working for us. On a side note, I do think Judy is correct that external directed energy played a part in this.

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