Are White Women Better?

I just had a deep conversation with a close ally and friend on the topic of the one-dimensionality of women. I am not talking about their inability to read maps without turning them around due to the fact that their brain is not capable of turning images around inside their heads. I am talking about their inability to look at a situation from different angles and then decide which one is best.

My view on that matter is that while men value money, power and fun, some even – especially Whites – also freedom, fairness, justice and honour just as highly as living standard, most – if not all – women only care about one thing and one thing alone: their personal, selfish living standard, everything else is mere pretence.

I mentioned the case of children, especially girls, being sold to brothels or even as slaves, a disgrace that has been going on for centuries, all over the world, not just in China. What kind of mother would do that to her own child? A mother that puts a higher value on her personal living standard than the well-being of her child.

My friend, let’s call him John, more or less agrees. However, he feels that white women are much less selfish than this. I beg to differ, unfortunately.

It is not like women do not value the same things as men. They just see them as subordinate values to their personal living standard, whereas men are happy to sacrifice their living standard for values that they cherish just as much.

In my view, white women are just as happy to sacrifice their children for the sake of their own living standard. They abandon their newborn babies, give them away for adoption, or even kill them before or after birth.

Millions of unborn babies are aborted by white women every year. In most cases, it is their mothers who encourage them to commit the second worst crime known to man, the murder of their own child. (The worst crime, in my view, is the murder of your own parents.) Kill your own baby for what? Complete studies, pursue a career, find a “better” man? In other words, a human sacrifice on the altar of living standard.

The only reason, why white women would not sell their own children to brothels or into slavery is that their (white) husbands won’t let them. Most men, whose daughters get pregnant prematurely, would opt for shotgun marriage or raise the child as their own.


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